If your abdomen is lax and flabby from pregnancy or weight loss, sometimes no amount of exercise and healthy eating will fix it. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Tracy Baker and Dr. Jackie Yee sculpt flatter and tighter abdomens through abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck. At their practice in Miami, they offer traditional tummy tuck surgery, as well as mini abdominoplasty procedures.

If you’re frustrated with sagging skin and a protruding belly, visit us in Miami for a tummy tuck consultation request a consultation to learn about body contouring at our Miami office. Or, call us at (305) 670-9995 to schedule an appointment.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

If you exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle, yet are still not satisfied with your abdomen’s appearance, an abdominoplasty – or tummy tuck – may be right for you. A tummy tuck isn’t weight-loss surgery and good candidates for the procedure maintain a fairly stable weight. Depending on each case, tummy tucks address 3 main issues: excess fat, excessive skin, and stretched muscles. In many cases, though, Dr. Baker and Dr. Yee recommend having liposuction performed at the same time as a tummy tuck to further sculpt your body. Candidates for tummy tuck surgery typically:

  • Have separated abdominal muscles due to pregnancy or weight loss
  • Have stretch marks on their abdominal skin
  • Have excess, sagging skin on their abdomen
  • Have focused fat over their abdomen area

Mini Tummy Tuck

Selected men and women might be good candidates for the less extensive mini tummy tuck (mini- abdominoplasty) procedure. A mini tummy tuck is a good choice if most of your laxity and excess skin are below your navel.

What to Expect

Procedure Tummy Tuck
Description People interested in full tummy tucks generally want to slim and tighten their upper and lower abdomens. To do this, a curvilinear bikini incision is used and the navel is naturally reconstructed. Our skilled surgeons make these incisions so that they are easily hidden beneath even the tiniest swimsuit or underwear. The separated abdominal muscles are repaired, which creates the flatter profile and slimmer waist. Excess skin is pulled down to the incision and trimmed away. Mini tummy tucks don’t involve the navel and require a smaller incision just above the pubic area. General anesthesia is used during abdominoplasties. The length of the procedure ranges from approximately 2 to 4 hours. Liposuction is often done at the same time to properly sculpt the torso, or other areas of concern.
Recovery Tummy tucks are safe surgeries when performed with general anesthesia. At Baker Plastic Surgery, we have optimized the pre- and post-operative regimen. All of our tummy tuck patients spend the evening of surgery at our recovery facility. With specialized care from our trained staff, your recovery will be safe and as easy as possible. Our staff ensures you remain comfortable throughout your stay. Dr. Yee and Dr. Baker routinely use a pain pump device that significantly decreases your postoperative discomfort, making your recovery much easier.

Our staff educates you about properly caring for yourself before you go home after surgery. Most Tummy Tuck patients have drainage tubes inserted for excess fluid. They are easy to properly use after getting instructions from the staff. Your follow-up appointment will be scheduled before you are discharged from the recovery facility.

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