It almost sounds too good to be true. Harvest unwanted fat from one part of your body and use it to make other areas fuller and more voluptuous. It’s a procedure that’s gained popularity in the past several years known as fat transfer. Miami plastic surgeons Dr. Tracy Baker and Dr. Jackie Yee are experienced in performing fat transfers (also called fat grafting) to improve the appearance of faces and bodies, usually breasts and buttocks.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Fat Transfer?

Since some of the fat cells die or are absorbed into the tissue after being transferred, surgeons need to remove enough fat from the donor site to slightly overfill the recipient area. This is not typically a problem for fat transfers to the face, which requires only a small amount of fat. For fat transfer to the body, it is essential that the donor sites contain enough fat for these larger volume transfers.

Good candidates for fat transfers also:

  • Maintain a steady weight, without large fluctuations
  • Want to add volume around their eyes, cheeks, jaw-line and temples, either to enhance or postpone a facelift
  • Have reasonable expectations

Often patients who are already planning to haveliposuction elect to use the suctioned fat for a fat transfer procedure.

What to Expect

Procedure Fat Transfer
Description Dr. Baker and Dr. Yee will spend as much time as needed during your initial consultation to explain how fat transfers are performed and to listen to what you wish to achieve. The procedure is performed by taking fat from areas like the stomach, flanks (the “love handles”), hips, lower back or thighs. The fat is removed using liposuction, and then goes through a process to separate healthy fat cells from other fluids.
Recovery The recovery time following a fat transfer procedure varies, depending on the extent of the work performed.
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