It’s not something that occurs overnight. At some point, though, you glance at the mirror and realize your breasts are starting to sag. The reasons vary from pregnancy and breastfeeding to weight fluctuations to that cruel combination of time and gravity. Whatever the cause, a breast lift in Miami at Baker Plastic Surgery can restore your breasts’ youthful appearance. The sculpting and eye for detail involved in a breast lift procedure is a measure of a surgeon’s artistic skills. Both Dr. Tracy Baker and Dr. Jackie Yee have earned reputations for their aesthetic sensibilities. And, as board-certified plastic surgeons, they both have the most advanced training and experience for cosmetic breast surgery.

If you are considering a breast lift, or combining a lift with breast augmentation, request a consultation online to meet with Dr. Baker or Dr. Yee. Or, call us at  (305) 670-9995 to schedule an appointment.

Who are the Best Candidates for a Breast Lift?

Women interested in a breast lift generally want firmer, rounder breasts that sit higher on the chest. Most women whose breasts are fully developed are candidates for breast lift surgery. However, there are a number of factors to consider before making a decision. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can alter the shape of your breasts, so a breast lift is often postponed until after a woman is finished having children. Breast lift is a good option for healthy women with realistic expectations who wish to:

  • Restore a more youthful position to the breasts and nipples
  • Improve breast symmetry
  • Reshape the breasts to be rounder and “perkier”
  • Have firmer, tighter breasts
  • Improve the size and shape of areola

What to Expect

Procedure Breast Lift

When you come to our office in Miami for a breast lift consultation, the surgeon will take the time to thoroughly discuss your goals for the breast lift and explain the available options. The surgery typically lifts and reshapes the breast tissue, repositions the nipple and eliminates excess, stretched skin. Breast lifts are performed on an outpatient basis using general anesthesia.

The various breast lift options depend on the degree of correction needed. Dr. Baker and Dr. Yee will spend a significant amount of time doing an examination and discussing with you the type of breast lift, or mastopexy, which would be best for you. The various lifts include:

  • Crescent lift:This is the least invasive lift and is a good choice if you have small to medium-sized breasts and there is minimal sagging. A crescent-shaped incision is made above the areola, allowing the surgeon to slightly lift and tighten the breast tissue.
  • Donut lift: Two concentric incisions are made around the areola and the excess skin is removed. The tissue is tightened and lifted, then sutured together. A Donut lift, also known as a periareolar lift, is often used for women who are getting a breast augmentation.
  • Vertical, or “Lollipop” lift: Often used when sagging is moderate and a Donut lift isn’t appropriate. Incisions are made around the perimeter of the areola and vertically to the crease of your breast.
  • Anchor lift: For women who have medium-sized to large breasts and severe sagging, an additional incision to the Lollipop lift is usually required. This incision runs horizontally along the crease of the breast and is necessary to provide additional support. It is also called a “Wise” pattern incision.

The use of breast implants in combination with breast lifts can help create a more youthful appearance in some cases. These choices will be explored and discussed with you at the time of your consult.


Some swelling and bruising is normal in the first week or two following a breast lift, but your recovery will depend on the type of breast lift surgery performed and whether you had breast implants inserted at the same time. You will receive specific recovery instructions from Baker Plastic Surgery, including tips on reducing the swelling and the types of bras that will be appropriate to wear in the weeks following surgery. Depending on your lift, most women are able to return to work within a few days. The doctors will discuss when and what type of exercise can be resumed.

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